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Self-employed also need positive leadership

Self-employed also need positive leadership
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Heyyy Indies,
As you may know, we have been accelerating our podcast production which has now one new episode per week.
Quick question:
Do you what differentiates self-employed from startup founders?
The appetite for growth.
For most self-employed, billing 29 days per month is not an objective. Our personal life is at least equally important to us.
This week’s guest has been in both seats and it’s great to balance both visions.

Episode 8: In conversation with Mister Anderson
Who said engineers can't do management?!
Who said engineers can't do management?!
In 2005 Michael moved back to California and started three software companies over the next 5 years. After almost losing everything in a lawsuit with a business partner, he figured he better quickly learn how to be a leader.
His one company, Radiant Technologies, made the Inc. 5000 list and was voted the #1 Best Place to Work, and he won Social Entrepreneur of the Year.
Now he teaches his uplifting and empowering Elevated Leadership to other companies and leaders.
In this episode we have discussed:
  • Selling everything and going nomad
  • Starting your first software company
  • How to raise prices as a consultant
  • How do can one learn Leadership
  • How can a software engineer become a best-selling author
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That’s all for today!
We hope you will enjoy this podcast and feel free to share your comments on Slack!
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