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Indie Club Podcast, Episode 7: life-work balance, in this order

Indie Club Podcast, Episode 7: life-work balance, in this order
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Hey there,
We hope you’re staying safe and you’ve finally make the people you interact with that remote working works!
Clients, parents, friends… all of these people who just a year ago simply did not understand why weren’t you working in an office.
For people like us, it’s an opportunity but also a responsibility to help these people in making remote working more manageable as it’s probably going to last for a while no matter where you are based.
Some people simply excel at remote working. Gasper Sopi is one of them. He his one of the finest remote workers that I know and his our guest on this week’s episode. But more on that later

Our podcast got relifted 🎉
We hope you will enjoy the new version as much as we do.
Based on the feedback we have received from both our listeners and guests, we decided to ditch the live format which gives us much better flexibility.
In particular, shoutout to one of our previous guests, Stuart De Ville who has created a musical intro and outro for our episodes.
If you’ve watched our episode with Stuart, you have probably understood that he is someone who never stops creating. Thank you Stuart!
Episode 7: in conversation with Gasper Sopi 🌎
Without further ado, let’s introduce this week’s guest. Gasper had created his software development company The Hyperactive in 2012. It was working well and they were working with enterprise clients like T-Mobile.
A couple of years ago, he made a drastic move: he changed the company culture completely making it a remote-only company.
But that wasn’t enough for him. Working from his hometown was simply not appealing enough.
Since then, he’s been managing his agency while backpacking all around the world and doing crazy trails like the Camino de Santiago at the same time.
You will want to travel after listening to this episode (sorry)
You will want to travel after listening to this episode (sorry)
In this week’s episode, here are the main topics we discussed:
  • Starting a bootstrapped agency
  • Making the decision to go remote and work from an island
  • Why clients do not care about your brick and mortar office
  • Calculating your financial independence
  • Deciding to be independent and grow an independent career
All in all, it was a great conversation.
As part of our relift, our episodes are now available on all major streaming platforms.
We are now releasing one episode per week and we’re looking forward to introduce you to amazing people from all around the world (France, US, UK, Croatia…)
If you want to contribute in any way, just hit reply.
If you managed to get all this way down here - thank you for your time! Looking forward to continuing this conversation with you on Slack
David Odier & Tom Kozacinski
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